Gather Around The Table: Wine & Food Paintings

Paintings That Remind Us of Life at the Table

These wine and food paintings are about romantic evenings, the kind you dream of and when you experience them you wish they would last forever. In these paintings about food and wine, the table is the stage and lit with candles, decorated with flowers as food and wine are enjoyed with friends and lovers.

Do you know these evenings I paint?



L.D.~ Willow’s artwork absolutely exceeded our expectations!!! After reading a bit about encaustic art, it blows my mind to think that she managed to accomplish such a beautiful piece of art with melted wax and pigment…it makes it all that more special and interesting and a focus of conversation in our home when we have company. The depth and color are astounding. Both the painting and Willow are a true treasure.

J.W. ~ I have followed Willow’s art journey for years, seeing her work in her studios, online and at various art shows and galleries. Her encaustic works are vibrant, emotional and captivating. I am thrilled to be a new owner of one of her pieces.