Get Intimate: Lovers and Nude Paintings

Paintings That Spark An Interest

In this nude paintings series, you will see some of my mixed media encaustic on paper nude pieces as well as my lovers series on panel. Some of my best work comes from spontaneity, two examples are in this portfolio. “Things I Have Thought” and “You Know How Nights Like this Begin”.  I never planned to have tango dancers and lovers together in the same painting. It came from a feeling of urgency to paint more lover pieces and I had two panels with incomplete dance paintings on them… you see what happened! They were never planned but they surprise and delight. 

Oil pastel has a larger part in these pieces, showing as drawn marks. I have heard over the years how many of my dance paintings are hung in people’s bedrooms. I can guess where my lovers and nude paintings will be enjoyed!



T.S. ~ We love Willow’s work! We have purchased one piece from her stunning Lovers Series and are paying for two more. The emotional weight she is imparting in this series is what is really capturing us. That is the je ne sais quoi that, for us, transforms her paintings from lovely nudes to strike-to-the-heart experiences. Willow is very friendly but is always a consummate professional: reliable, organized, and knowledgeable. All of our interactions with her have been excellent, and her work is even better in person.

S.D. ~ Willow is a painter’s painter. Beautiful lush strokes loosely drawn, resonate for me a dance with the materials and how Willow masterfully uses them. Rich with passion, delightful compositions, and dramatic color, her body of work is both approachable and emotive. How lucky I am to have a piece of Willow’s work that makes me smile every day.