Get Musical: Music Paintings

 Paintings You Can Hear

My music paintings are about the enjoyment of music. I like to paint the musician engrossed in their music-making for themselves and for the dancers. You will see close-ups of their fingers as they dance across the keyboard. I especially enjoy painting pianists’ hands.

People tell me they hear the music in my paintings.


V.M. ~ Willow Bader did a lovely painting of my hands on my electric piano. It was really sweet how much grace and enthusiasm she brought to the project. She correctly estimated the time to complete and delivered on time. I love having this painting on display!!!

S. J. ~ The more I look at this painting, the more I love it! And I have to have it. It is such a beautiful piece of art, and the way you painted the lines of the bass is really precise and spectacular and also the body position and hands are really quite realistic in their depiction. I will be so excited to have this in my house!

G. S. ~ I love Willow’s paintings of musical instruments. The perspective she captures emphasizes the hard work musicians put into their craft. Her brush strokes are strong, confident and so expressive… I’m very happy with my painting of hands playing a violin! Its beautiful.

A. D. ~ Bader’s’ mastery of encaustic delivers me to a deeper part of our world – opening eyes to beauty in new ways! Big fan!