The Outdoors: Floral & Landscape Paintings

Paintings of Nature’s Wonder

 I have always loved the NW landscape where I grew up, and I return to paint it from time to time. The floral and landscape paintings grew out of my love of gardening and how flowers on the table add to the pleasure of a meal. These flower paintings are of flowers from my garden or from a friend’s gardens. Sometimes they also come from the Pike Place Market in Seattle.


S. G. ~ Willow’s landscape painting is stunning. It has transformed our vacation home with its intense natural beauty, warmth, and sense of calm. Thank you, Willow!

N. B. ~After admiring Willow’s work I decided to commission a painting from her. She made the whole process very easy and was able to effortlessly translate the seed of an idea into a nuanced piece that we absolutely love. Willow even finished ahead of schedule! Just a wonderful experience.