Equine Paintings: Art of the Horse

Paintings about horses and riding 

In this series of equine paintings, I revisit my love of horses.  I say revisit because as a child I used to draw horses at the 4H barn at the country fair, I asked $10 in exchange for a small graphite drawing of their horse.  Time has passed and now I have returned to the subject again.  For many years I filled my sketchbooks with drawings of animals, including horses, I always really enjoyed trying to catch the essence of an animal, and the movement but I never took it further than sketches. Until now. These pieces are encaustic and mixed media on drawing paper. Here are my available works.


G. A. ~ Willow just did a painting of my daughter on her horse Romeo. It is absolutely stunning. It captured my daughter and Romeo perfectly. It is a Christmas present, and when she sees it, she will be over the moon with it. I will be recommending Willow to my friends. Romeo is a black and white paint Mustang. One of his white markings looks like a heart. Willow captured it as it appears on Romeo. Fantastic job Willow.

L. B. ~ I bought two paintings from Willow. Both paintings were portraits of my horses done from my photos. The paintings are beautiful and hang in my home. The images gracefully capture a lovely moment in time.