Let’s Tango: Dance Paintings

Paintings That Inspire You To Move

In this series of dance paintings, I paint tango dances. When I began to learn to dance the tango I had no idea what a large part of my life it would become. In 2007 a dancing friend suggested I start dance paintings, and once I began I never stopped. Over time the paintings have evolved, I now paint larger, and the colors have changed to include blue for instance… Tango continues to be a large inspiration for me. And as long as I am dancing I expect to be making paintings about it. Here are my available works.


M. ~Willow is an extraordinary talent whose work has an unparalleled way of capturing and bringing forth the emotions that humanity lives and breathes for. Her work honors and pays homage to the moments readily available to us between the crescendo of weddings, births, and holiday sojourns, but are often relegated to the recesses of sense memory. She employs a profound understanding of color beyond anything I’ve witnessed to speak the language of the soul and suspend time itself. As a tango dancer, I am the owner two pitch-perfect renderings which have allowed me to hover over the exquisite moments between melodies and heartbeats every single day.

M. T. ~I absolutely love Willow’s work, particularly her tango paintings! She has such a deep love and understanding of the dance and her images are so evocative and moving. I own a small original painting and a print and look very much forward to following her work and acquiring more pieces down the road.

K. H. ~Stunningly beautiful art pieces that exceeded expectations!
It was carefully packaged for super fast shipping. I had them custom framed the same day I received them.
I highly recommend acquiring as many pieces as you can 🙂

M. V. L. ~Because Willow is a dancer herself, she knows the feeling and movement of tango in her own body. She translates from within to her art so deftly that I can often recognize the steps or particular dancers as if they were moving through the painting. Her art reminds me to listen to the music and seek the company of friends.

L. M. ~I consider myself lucky to have stumbled upon Willow Bader and her amazing artwork. Not only is her talent in encaustic painting impressive, but her ability to capture a moment and a story that feels true and unique to each person who looks at it, is absolutely amazing.

Willow happily takes the time to met with you at her studio and show you how she works her magic. I very much appreciate this as I enjoy knowing the process and her stories behind the art.

Purchasing art from her is well worth the investment because it will give you a lifetime of joy.